TrackVersions for folder tracks pleeaasse!!??

Love the trackversions that Cubase has - makes managing multiple ideas a breeze. Kudos 'bergs. :mrgreen:

Can we please have an extension of that concept to the folders so that ALL tracks under the folder can be switched to revisions.

This is so useful when trying to work out alternate arrangement ideas - instead of creating versions for all tracks manually and making it a mess, it would be great to have it streamlined under the parent folder.

I think every type of Track should support versions.

That said, you’d probably get more notice (by Steinberg) of this request if it was posted in the Feature Request forum, since it is a feature request. Perhaps a kindly mod will move it.

The way it’s designed is that you can use Assign Common Version ID to set the Track Version IDs of the tracks you want to keep in sync, then use the commands Select Tracks with Same Version ID and Next Version and Previous Version. Include the tempo and time sig tracks and you get a lot of flexibility.

True. If you select multiple Tracks and then create a new Track Version, you’ll get a new Version on each of the selected Tracks and all of those new Versions will share the same ID number.

Also if you engage the Group Editing function on the Folder Track… Does exactly what you are asking for (if I am not mistaking your question).

I am using this for recording multiple takes (across several tracks) for drums all the time.

You don’t need to create new versions.

Can you elaborate? The OP wants to use Track Versions, so it seems like they’d need to be created - or am I missing something.

It suffices to use those commands, if there’s no version, one is created.

I just tried this with a bunch of tracks across folders and it doesn’t seem to do anything. I even deselected the folder tracks so that its all MIDI and audio tracks. No dice.

Not sure why, I am able to do this. Maybe your just not seeing the version number in the track header?

The point of my doing this is to be able to mix and match takes or ideas, tempos and meters, and to have a way of grouping them without moving tracks to different folders.

Have you tried to engage the Group Editing button on the Folder Track? The one that looks like an equal sign (=)?

When I record drums (real drum kit) of x numbers of tracks, I put them in the same folder. I then use the New Track Version command (tied to a key command), which makes a New Track Version for every track in that folder… Next take, next etc…

I also put the belonging guide tracks in the same folder (maybe a bass, guitar or vocal - or any live component that the drummer need to track properly).

With the Range Tool, you can then copy and paste between the different takes/Track Versions (just make sure that you don’t change or remove the selected range before pasting).

If this is NOT what you want, I really don’t know what you are asking…

Group Editing is not what I want, BUT the bold stuff is what I want. So, to clarify - you do that when the folder track is selected, or do you do that by selecting all tracks in the folder and creating new version?

A track versions pane (like the automation pane), would be an awesome tool to have to manage all these track version functions and commands. :smiley:

When the GROUP Editing button is enabled, you can select one track… and all tracks within that folder is selected… Then just use the New Track Version command, and it should make a new Track Version for every track within that folder… Then track away :wink:

Have you tried to enable the Group Editing button yet?
You don’t need to do anything more than to make your new Track version… Just remember to turn it off if you are going to edit one or more tracks seperately (I think the K key is the default for Group Editing on/off).

Ahh I see. So I tried Group Editing = button and it works when all the tracks are of the same type (Audio) though it gives warning saying “Group editing might not work”.

I got greedy and tried it in a folder track containing all tracks and subfolders. Doesn’t work then. :smiley: Boy it would be sweet if that did.

So what’s the workflow? I’m thinking this:
1). Create a folder containing a group of tracks.
2). When you want to try a new idea, select group editing and create duplicate version for any one track (it will affect all tracks).
3). Disable group editing. Alternatively, just select all the tracks and create duplicate version.
4). If you want to change something in one track alone, duplicate version in that track alone (?? or for simplicity should we do it in all tracks even though the change is only in one track??)
5). Now to cycle between the diffs, Project->Select all tracks with same version number, then cycle prev (Ctrl+Shift+Q) or next (Ctrl+Shift+W) version.

Finding more about the TrackVersions in the Cubase manual seems notoriously difficult. I’ve searched both the index and the table of contents. :-/