Traditional song in 6/8 but score but playback should be a slower 4/4 tempo. How to deal with this

Hi all

I am working on a live show version of Funiculi Funicula’ and have met the issue that at its usually written 6/8 the tempo in that time signature would be about 198BPM. But all scores mark this track at about 132BPM in a 4/4 feel.
How do I deal with having a score in 6/8 in Dorico but having playback at a different tempo to match 132 in the 4/4 feel?
Trying to make sure I don’t set off in the wrong way.

I’m not sure I understand, but could you just set the tempo to be hidden, and use a system text object as a ‘fake’ written tempo?

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shift-t q.=132

The apparent pulse of your ‘4/4’ is actually a dotted crotchet, being half of a 6/8 bar.

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Oh: yes, if you just want to define the tempo to the dotted quarter, then you can easily do that, in the Properties panel, or the popover.

I was confused by the 4/4 business. If you mean “I’m beating 2 bars of 6/8 as 1, 2, 3, 4”, then… ok.

Thanks for the advice on this. I’m mocking up in Nuendo first at 6/8 198 BPM so hoping that once I bring it over to Dorico . So I’ll try both suggestions and see what works.

Is the ‘beat’ in Nuendo eighths or dotted quarters?

If a dotted quarter gets 132, it looks as if the ‘beat’ in 198BPM is based on a plain quarter, not the actual beat of 6/8.

Nuendo and Cubase don’t allow you to specify dotted units for the metronome.