Tragic just Tragic

well today i bought a Alesis io4 hardware with a cubase le5 cdrom.
I am an advanced user as i work with pcs since 1986 and actually is my job to develop and hack. 30 years now.

I insert the cd to cdrom and i install the product
Then i needed to activate the product i spend 10 minutes to Regiter and other 10 minutes to register in this forum becacuse half of the activation emails went to Folder Categories - Promotions in Gmail and as i could know i had to wait until an email come.

is it so Dificult for cubase developers to send the activation code Thru Gmail instead of local email ???All they had to do is change the port.

After Register i try to find my activation code
well No luck there is no souch thing also i tried to Upgrade the database in elicence software and i get errror of format compatibility.

so No wonder dear cubase why i will just install a _[reference to warez removed]_Instead of spending time to go thru all your bugs.

I jsut sign in to say that you suck as support.

You bought a product that was discontinued years ago with software from 7 years ago.

Inbox Folders in Gmail is a function of Gmail, not a function of the email sender. It comes with a default configuration, and it’s up to the user, you in this case, to configure it or turn it off.

It’s surprising that someone who has a “job to develop and hack”. did not realize this.