Oh…the humanity

What a great motif, The ingredients are awesome. It deserves a lot more spit and guts in this piece.
And…You can sing…Why not overdo a take instead of letting variaudio destroy your performance?

Soundwise, some more ambience, air and dimensions are welcome. And I really mis the bottom end, playing it loud on the speakers reveals a thin sound. On headphones it’s way more open though.

So in all, the performance and the mix are a bit hold back in my opinion, don’t hassitate to much with reverbs, eq and compression. And some parts you can shout it out more.
Composition and arrangements are top!

I like the beatlesque choirs, spot on…

Greetz Dylan.

Thanks for the great critique. You’re right about my vocals at least for the first verse. For me to thicken the rest of the mix I have to route the Reason tracks (which is everything except vocals, acoustic guitar and drums) per channel as it is currently coming in as a 2 channel submix in Cubase in this version. This was a semi quick and dirty remix done last night. Originally was looking to hire local musicians for the string parts which maybe something to reconsider at a later date. Knowing most string players want sheet music and not being able to write a lick of music on paper (all ears and hands), I am not sure how well the score sheet would output the parts. Until then, a demo :slight_smile:

I wrote some cello pieces for orchestration and gave the printed sheets right out of cubase. Worked like a charm!
Didn’t had to make any notes, the cello player didn’t even hear the part before rehearsal.
I cannot read notes so I was pretty amazed.


This is quite interesting and enjoyable to listen to. Dylan sums it up pretty well. :slight_smile:


I agree this song has a lot of potential.

The 2 intro chords immediately had me thinking ‘ABBA big man’s world’, but I’m glad you didn’t go there :laughing:

I agree with everyone. Real strings would sound great on this, although it wouldn’t necessarily be easy to do. I thought the songwriting was clever.

I like it, its good songwriting, creative arranging and smart lyrics. reminds me a bit of weezer, great vocalizing. just a personal taste but I would try to thicken up the bottom end a bit.

Really like the parts, Another idea might be using a not real string type sound sorta like Stevie Wonder did with Village Ghetto Land…Would sound great though with real strings or Vienna Instruments. Mix needs help but it is a killer track

Somebody has been listening to the Beatles? It’s not like this is virgin territory in 2012


It’s just awesome due to the plastic almost antiseptic production. Get some real life and grit and dirt and it could even get fûcking awesome! You know, some tube and tape emulation plugins, some not so squeaky clean surfaces. You’ve seen those 3D modeled images and games and stuff. It’s the lack of dirt that spoils it! Other than what you didn’t do what’s actually there is VERY well arranged and played and a great voice to that! You bastard! :laughing:

If this is the stuff you write you could take a break from writing and move on to production for a while. Or maybe you’re just one of those writers that can’t help themselves from writing moooore music? No matter what you’re on the right track.

I must take issue with my dear Ulf here, a bit. It’s classic baroque pop – not sure grit is called for. And I’m hearing more Jellyfish and Squeeze here… who of course were both devoted Beatles fans :laughing:

Nice tune! And a bit short in length

yeah, I need to rephrase that and I see where Dough is coming from. I wasn’t thinking of running everything through Marshall amps at all, believe it or not . :laughing: To get back to the Beatles again they were the one that told the staffers at Abbey road to run SOME levels (not all, and not all the time) into the red because “it sounds good” basically.

I don’t know if an analogy with cooking makes sense? Some food need to be cooked, fried, boiled, simmered or grilled and some is best as it grew in nature. Back in the studio, some sounds beg to be overdriven or compressed to release their flavors which are mostly overtones and tones not easily detected in an uncompressed signal. If that makes sense?

It might be personal for me, and cmaffia is perfectly happy with the mix, and maybe he should be, but to me it sounds like the chef should have waited a little here and there for things to gel and maybe turn up the flame on some other things to get the best out of them.

I wouldn’t bother to type one letter if I didn’t like the overall song so there you go.
And it is a bit short!
But some songs should be so …
“SHUT UP!” :astonished:
OK! :blush:
Bye! :sunglasses: