Trail License Problems

Hello again, time for another stupid, long, convoluted question from a novice!
I am using Cubase artist and it came with a few trial products, mainly VST instruments, Halion SE, Grand Piano thing Etc.
Those licenses have just expired and this is where the problem starts. if I try to open a saved track that may have used one of the trial VST’s then I get many messages informing me that various licenses have expired, one particular message causes Cubase to freeze and I then have to force quit.
If I open a new track it all seems to be Ok it’s only old saved tracks that I’m guessing I have used the trail VST’s on that won’t open.
Does anyone know if that means I can no longer open the old tracks until I have bought the new license? I’ve updated the Elicense thing on the computer(Imac) but still Cubase freezes when I open the old tracks.

Thanks for reading such a long winded question and forgive the spelling and grammar mistakes, it’s 3AM here in Japan!