Tranferring project to mixing engineer using Cubase

Never done this before, I am trying to figure out the simplest way to proceed because we will likely be doing this on a regular basis if it works.

I am on Cubase 10 Pro, he is on Cubase 8.5 (for now).

So my first question is, will this work? I know that things are forward compatible, but if the project mostly consists of audio clips, some automation, some plugins, what would be the chances that this will work? What would be the things that definitely won’t work so I can get rid of at my end my mixing down? Can he even open the project?

He also doesn’t have the same set of plugns that I do, so I was wondering, one of the options when preparing a full backup of the project is Apply Offline Processing Permanently. Does this mean that all of my plugins are applied? That might be very handy, although ideally I want to leave the ones that he owns on, to give him more options.

The alternative is rendering everything,I looked into it but for some reason, Cubase estimated something like 7 days to finish the job, something going on ther eobviously that I need to look into :laughing:


If both of us are using Cubase, it shouldn’t be an issue. They should be able to open your Cubase 10 project in their Cubase 8. Only the new functions (developed in Cubase 8.5, 9, 9.5 and 10) will not be applied. But as you described it, you probably don’t use any of these, right?

The plug-ins are important. You wouldn’t get the same sound without the plug-ins. Therefore you have to export the tracks somehow. Apply Offlince Processing is not the way. You would need to change all plug-ins to the Direct Offline Process instead of using them as an Insert effects (what I expect you do until now).

If you are using Cubase Pro, you can do Batch Exports. In the Export Audio Mixdown window enable Batch Export (you want to export multiple tracks) and enable all tracks you want to export. Set the Naming Scheme and export. I don’t know how many tracks do you use, but for a project bellow 100 tracks, you should get a reasonable time for the export (offline, not in real time).

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I’m using some track automation etc, nothing that I imagine wasn’t already in place in Cubase 8.

The plugins, I see that I have the wrong impression of what offline processing is, yes my plugins are track inserts.

So, yes, batch export is the way to go. I’ll give it another try, I remember using it a while back and I gave up because the estimated time for the job was ridiculous. It was probably over 100 tracks, but even so. What I’m doing for this particular project is exporting individual tracks that have plugins my guy doesn’t have, but I’m thinking ahead to future projects and how to work more seamlessly when we tranfer projects.