Tranquility of Sea

Made with Cubase, donated to the 'Sound of Humanity" project, about 90% Padshop Pro… and very minimalist (for me at least). The title is inspired by the moon, which affects our ocean tides.

Have a listen, best to close your eyes. I invite you to check out some of the other material in the project.

Hope you enjoy. Best regards.

I’m a Padshop fan too! This reminds me a lot of a local (New Zealand) 'New Age" artist (Jeff Clarkson) from the 90’s who produced some international best-selling meditation/relaxation albums, who like you made good use of ambiance and nature sounds.

Good work and nicely assembled!


Nicely done. As a matter of fact, it is quite calming. Good to hear music from you. :slight_smile:

It was working on me but it was too short! I was just about calm and unfettered, and slipping into reflective and forgiving, when it ended. Here’s a vote to make it longer, and to complete the effect.

Thanks all. I never seem to have enough time to finish most things i start… Perhaps it will be revisited in the new year.

Nice pad sounds, I need to look at that VST again. Would love to hear it with an upright bass or cello also. Might be fun for you to slowly layer things on it.
Enjoyed it though,

Nice one, Robin. Very relaxing at the end of the work day.


Nice mood…the landscape channel would be intersted in this kinda work…Kevin