Trans part no key sig and invisible accidentals

Looked around but did not find a workable answer. This is an xml score. The Bb clar. shows no key sig but acts like it’s in D maj so the sharps do not show up on the f’s and c’s, so I have to go through the score manually and edit them to show accidentals. I have the key sig set to atonal. This seems like really strange behavior to me as no one would ever want this situation, but if it’s a result of the xml from sib 7 that is understandable. If there is a fix tho, I’d appreciate seeing it. Thanks

This is very common for transposing instruments when you import from XML. In setup mode, click on the instrument and select “change instrument” to force it to be the correct transposing instrument. It’s sort of a reset. That should take care of everything.

Thanks for the suggestion but it’s still hiding the c and f sharps so I guess I’ll have to do it manually.

This problem turned up a long time ago, and presumably Dorico hasn’t changed since then, since there was a simple workround.

The cause was that the XML file specified the number of sharps or flats in a key signature, but didn’t specify whether it was a major or minor key. As a result, Dorico recognized the key signature existed and omitted the accidentals on the notes, but didn’t display the key signature.

If you look at the uncompressed XML file in a text editor and find something like


where the “2” is the number of sharps (or a negative number for flats) in the key signature, edit it to


(or “minor”, if you prefer).

You will then get a key signature you don’t want in Dorico, but the notation will be self-consistent and deleting the key signature will behave correctly.

If your score is atonal, you could try just deleting the three lines - but the original problem happened in a score with a genuine key signature, so we didn’t try that option.

Another option would be to try importing the XML file into a different program and export it again, to see if that cleans it up. Musescore is free and has pretty good XML support if you want to try that idea.

It was atonal in the original sib 7 and the score was untransposed. I’m almost done redoing the accidentals so won’t help much now, but as I’m transferring all my old sib scores to dorico I will definitely try deleting those 3 lines and see if that helps. Thanks for the replies.