Transcibing Jazz solos-foot pedal question

Greetings. I am trying to transcribe jazz solos. Doing this requires that I have to listen repeatedly to small sections of music. Rather than clicking with the mouse many times, is there a way to use the sustain pedal to automatically jump back , say 8 bars ?

Thanks Jeff

Generic remote. Don´t know about exactly 8 bars at the moment, but one-bar-wise and to previous / next marker is available IIRC.

What about cycling with the l/r locators in the pertinent positions? Maybe a foot pedal for start/stop.

Hi guys and thanks for the comments/help.

Oftentimes I find myself going over small sections of jazz solos many times. I have to hit the mouse each time to return to the initial starting place. I do this with Quicktime or Itunes.

I haven’t tried either option that you all are speaking of but I will try both. I know how to setup locators but not the Generic remote. Is there a tutorial anywhere for that?
Thanks again Jeff

Well, there´s a chapter in the manual. Other than that, you´ll probably have to google…

Ok, I have found some stuff on the internet…and I will check the manual.
thanks again