Transcribing audio to MIDI, anyone lend a hand please?


I think my ears will soon explode because of constantly listening to the same mix over and over again (at a loud volume), and I really need someone else to look at my situation. I’m attempting to transcribe a certain audio mix to MIDI, a dance track from Nish called Love, and while my end result sounds good per se, if I layer it atop the original composition I cannot help but think I’ve missed a few notes or screwed up entire segments.

The track can be found on YouTube (, but any better than this in respect to audio quality is non-existent I’m afraid. The part which I have transcribed starts at roughly 0:56 and is about a minute long. I have attached a MIDI for you where you can see my current progress. What I’m most concerned about is the bass part after the piano introduction, I’m fairly certain the original composition has the bass notes laid out in a different way, but my ears just cannot cope with them.

If somebody could help me with this, I’d be very grateful. I chose this track because I want to reconstruct the music in my own way, and I like the fact that it’s dance but with an Asian touch (the author is a Japanese producer).

Thank you!
~ Yousif

EDIT: Removed MIDI. Thank you all for the help.


Oh, I have tried various programs, including the one you linked. I have the feeling you didn’t read my post carefully :wink:

No audio transcribing software has been helpful so far, which is understandable; the source needs to be clean and fairly isolated in itself, the complex mathematics behind FFT calculations are merely guesses and filtering out that single note from twenty others can become extremely tedious.

On the other hand, I have previously used software from WIDI, available for both Windows and Mac OS X. It delivers good results and is more affordable than AudioScore Ultimate (from Sibelius / Avid). The latter does give you a visual view of the transcribed audio, but again, none of these have helped me so I turned to transcribing by hand, writing down note by note in Cubase as I listen to the audio in a (seemingly) endless loop :slight_smile:

~ Yousif

[quote=I think my ears will soon explode because of constantly listening to the same mix over and over again (at a loud volume)[/quote]
Over time you will damage your hearing its inevitable their is no need to monitor at excessive levels.
Do urself a favour and turn down a bit.

Which is why I came here to help. I have a difficult time hearing and understanding separate notes, as my ears are not professionally trained. So, working on this one project on my own for too long seemed like a bad idea.

~ Yousif

Over time you will damage your hearing its inevitable their is no need to monitor at excessive levels.
Do urself a favour and turn down a bit.

You somehow need to get hold of the solo bass track and import it to cubase are you on 6? Then just audio to midi it…i havent listened to the song as im on my phone right now…i dont know about the song or producer/artist maybe try and contact them and ask them for the part and permission.or maybe someone is on YouTube covering the bass part on guitar or just the bass is their…download it if it is import it to cubase and make use of the audio to midi function.???
Good luck
sorry for the double post I messed up the quote. :confused:

That one link to the track is the only one on the Internet. The artist speaks only Japanese I’m afraid, I don’t know much about him. I’m on Cubase 5, haven’t upgraded to 6 yet. And software transcription doesn’t work, the mix is not clean enough.

I spent a lot of time on this, so I kind of feel like finishing it as well, even if it takes one more week, or two :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help so far.

Ok best of luck with it…post a link on hear when its done be interesting to hear what you do with it…


You’d be quicker getting a musician friend to write it down or better still write and play it into a midi track. Take two days instead of a month trying to mangle a muddy midi track into shape.

Cubase is good, but I’m afraid maybe not that good.

Now tell me you did it using Reason. :mrgreen:


Cubase all the way, brother :smiley:

Will you be my ‘musician friend’, then? Apart from myself I know of few people who are into music the way I am, so none of my friends can help me I’m afraid. Muddy or not–I like the melody :wink:

Thank you all for the help so far!
~ Yousif

Check your pm box.

I received it and THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Sir, you are too kind.

To everybody wondering, el-russo sent me a MIDI rendition of the audio track in question and it’s simply perfect. I’ll let you guys know how I progress with it. But again, thank you el-russo for the MIDI, it’s extremely helpful.

~ Yousif

Don’t you wonder why he sent it privately? :open_mouth:

To be honest, no… :neutral_face: But I got what I wanted, so does it really matter? :mrgreen:

I think el-russo spent so much time with it (the file he sent me was very complete, not just a few tracks) that he doesn’t want to risk his work being misused, or something. But I’ll leave that to him.

Since there was no disclaimer with the file he sent me, I assume right to distribute and remix, so if anybody wants it, let me know.