Transfer 20 Cubase Elements 6 to other computers

Hello. New to this so apologies if this topic has been done to death.

The Music Department of our school has 20 PCs with Cubase Elements 6 installed on them.

Management has now decided to replace those PCs with Macs, so we need to be able to transfer the Cubase to the Macs.

Could someone let me know the best/easiest/least painful way of doing this for all 20, please?

Many thanks.

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Stoke High School

You’ll need a Mac installer package for CE6. If you don’t have it, you should send an email to support to get you a download link, since the full installer is not available directly (the update, 6.0.7 is). Also, there’s a knowledge base article on MySteinberg where you can read up on how to transfer the soft licenses to the new computers.

Thanks! By a MAC Installer package you mean more, obviouysly, than simply the disk.

I’ll take a look.


No, it may very well be on your original disk if you have it. By package I mean installer plus possible add-ons like VST instruments and sound libraries and such…

Hello buzzhunter,

the Mac installer is on the discs, if you have physical copies.
We can also provide you with ISO images, that’s not an issue.

But you will need to reactivate the licenses:

This requires the licenses to be registered to a MySteinberg account.
You can register the licenses using “Add Software” in MySteinberg and entering the old Activation Codes, if you didn’t register already.

If you have any problems, please contact Support: - (if I’m not mistaken you are in the UK, right?)

We have in-house Educational Support guys and I often deal with schools as well.

Kind regards,

Many thanks! Yes, we’re a high school in Suffolk, UK.

I’ll get back to you!!

Thanks again.


Hello again Fabio.

Can you tell me: I have taken note of the soft Licence number from the HD of one of our PCs and registered that on our Steinberg account.

Can you tell me -is it now possible to transfer that Licence to the Hard Drive of a Mac without using a dongle?



Hello Buzz,

I checked the account tied to the e-mail you used to sign up in the Forum.

All of the licenses have been activated on the same Soft-eLicenser / machine.
This is not correct, but given you have new installations, it is no longer an issue.

If you perform the Reactivation of the software, it will give you a new Activation Code for each license contained in the old Soft-eLicenser. Please, make sure to use one license / AC for each computer.

I’m sending you a PM, i case you need further info.