Transfer activation from one Comp to another

Hi folks,

I have installed Cubase LE5 on two computers. The 30 day trial period has expired on one, the other has LE5 activated. I want to transfer the activation to the computer with the expired trial. There are no recordings to transfer. I’ve searched forums and web but haven’t located any guides to this process. i’m sure it must have been outlined somewhere. Thanks for any assistance.

Try the soft e-licenser FAQ at the top of the LE/AI forum.

Thanks Celtsound for your time, but my question is not answered on that FAQ.

I am not selling my licensed product, I don’t want the product licensed on more than one computer and I am not wanting to re-activate the license on the same computer. I want to de-activate on Computer A and activate on Computer B. The license for LE says that it can only be activated on one computer at any one time, however the “remove License” Actions Menu option on Computer A is grey, and will not work.

I am only trying to abide by the license. Nothing I read at the time of installation suggested to me that this could not be done, but how?

Install Cubase on the second computer and the eLicenser app that comes on the disk. Use the new code at the top of eLicenser at My Steinberg to get a new authorization code to use at eLicense to get the license. If you bought a USB Dongle, you could download a permanent license to it and not have to bother with this again.

Thanks Mashedmitten

The second computer already has Cubase installed but the 30-day trial period has expired.

To date, I have not used supplied e-licenser (on the first computer), but followed the instructions and downloaded the newest version.

Do I still follow the same instructions?

I have no dongle. Is this available for LE5? Does that allow me to have free “roaming” between up to 5 computers with the one copy of LE5 (only temporarily active on the computer with the dongle)? If they are not expensive, I’d consider that as a worthy enhancement.

Can anyone answer the above questions?

The dongle is $28 on the main Steinberg site under Products, probably well worth it since you can take your licenses around with you. I just did a reactivation of LE 4 the hard way, thru the eLic process. The solution was to fill out the support form on MySteinberg. They were very fast, got back to me in one day & gave me a new authorization code and some Command prompts to do – cumbersome but it worked. Next time, I’m getting the dongle.

Cool IcyB!

The dongle sounds like it might be worth doing in the long run as I’d make much better use out of Cubase if I could use computers in more than one location (even if only one at a time). Thanks for explaining the official solution. Good to know what to do. It would be better if that was one of the issues explained in the FAQs.


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