Transfer CUBASE data to VST Live

Just tried using VST Live for the first time. I tried moving some of my band backing tracks over from Cubase 12, and it just didn’t work. There were a number of problems.
For the first song I tried:
No data transferred regarding instruments. Three empty folder tracks appeared in their place which I deleted.
When I had customised the track instruments by hand, the MIDI playback was intermittent, with big silent gaps where all the tracks seemed suddenly muted.
Audio tracks were distributed at random time intervals, completely out of sync.
For the second song:
Again no instrument data and spurious folder tracks.
MIDI notes are moved a few ticks, and thus overlap any that are hard up against them. In my case this resulted in notes not sounding in my bass track.
Attempting to move the notes by hand in the MIDI editor, the SNAP function did not work. The notes still ended up misaligned. The display of note data in the info line did not work, the start and end values of the notes are shown the same.
The manual covers the whole Cubase transfer process in just two not very specific lines; “Export from Cubase”, “Import to VST Live”. This implies a simple accurate process, which just not so. So far I have not got a working song, and I am very disappointed. Has anyone had more success than me?

Import from Cubase is broken. The best I can do is import audio tracks one at a time (there’s no multi-selection). I record my MIDI tracks to Cubase and, after editing, bounce them to audio in Cubase. Finally I export the audio via mix down - that way they’re all the same length and start in the same place so it’s easy to align them all at zero.

I’ve not played with MIDI tracks yet.

A fix has been promised.

There is “Select All” at the bottom of the export dialog.
If you mean import, there are various options, but all import all tracks that have been exported, no?

I thought that’s what I said, but maybe phrasing not good enough.

Clarification: File, Import Audio File - I can only select a single file. It would be easier if I could select multiple files. Drag/drop onto the tracks window would be brilliant!

Apologies: Import of a file exported from Cubase using File, VST Live, Export Project does work for multiple wav files. Not tested for other formats. What Dave described was the same as issues I had in the previous releases - I assumed you hadn’t fixed it yet.

Ah, got it, thought you were talking about Cubase import.