Transfer eLicenser licenses to machine rather than USB dongle

Is it possible to use software licenses WITHOUT a USB dongle? (aka, transfer licenses to machine based license as iLok can do)

My elicenser dongle has been behaving strangely and I’m concerned that it’s going to die soon. I’m also traveling in developing countries in Asia while working, so getting another one shipped or finding an authorised Steinberg retailer that sells one is unlikely.

Thanks for your replies in advance!

No, it is not possible to transfer from USB-eLicenser to Soft-eLicenser.

Can we change this behavior? the days of dongles are far behind us.

With iLok I can move licenses between computers, allowing me to use my software on any computer as long as I use the software only on one computer at the same time (or, with some licenses, two computers at the same time).

Why is eLicenser so limited?