Transfer existing registration to new dongle

My eLicense dongle got broken. I have a new one that is registered and want to transfer my existing Steinberg products to it. Is there an easy way to do this?

Depends on if it is broken in that it does not work anymore at all, or it is only physically broken, but does still work.
If the letter it´s simply drag and drop the license(s9 from one key to the other in the eLControl center software.

It physically does not work at all. Is there a way to contact Steinberg directly so a person can help me with this?

You need to put in a support ticket. There is a knowledge base article describing the process, I believe.


I am of the belief you have to send it in.

I’ve put in two support tickets in the last 3 weeks and gotten no response. Any other ideas?

Send an email directly to the Steinberg Team via info at steinberg dot de and they will respond.

Once you have a response you will then need to arrange secure postage for the broken dongle.

Done and done. Thank you for your responses