Transfer from usb to soft license not possible?

I think I made a mistake when I upgraded to 12, I thought it would be on the soft license but it looks like its on the USB and I can’t transfer it, will support be able to help me to move it over? I can’t even submit a help ticket, why is that?


Cubase 12 is on the new Steinberg Licensing - which is a software license system by default, you can’t put C12 on a USB dongle.

The version that you updated from will stay on your USB license - maybe this has confused you?.

Open the Steinberg activation manager (SAM) app on your machine and C12 should be in there. i.e.:

And if you open the eLicenser Control Center (eLCC) app the previous version you updated from should be on there with a message saying it’s been upgraded, i.e.:


The reason that the previous version stays on your USB dongle is to provide you with legacy support.


thanks so much of quick reply
Yes I only had the upgrade I didn’t activate the full Cubase 12 yet
should be fine now, only problem is that I have some sound banks etc on the USB so will still need to use USB for that, hopefully they bring everything over one day

thanks once again for your help