Transfer insert chain from Audio to group channel?


Sometimes early in a project I’ll set up a chain of inserts on an audio track, fine tune each plugin and everything sounds great.

There’s been several times where as the project proceeds, I’ve wanted more tracks with the exact same processing. At this point, it’s appropriate to route all those tracks to a group, and do the processing in the group channel.

Up to now, I’ve been saving the settings of each plugin individually as a preset, then loading the same plugins on the group, then loading all the plugins with the previously saved presets.

Is there a better way?

Yep. At the top of the inserts there is a little box on the right. Click that and it will say save fx preset or something like that. You can now save presets of fx chains and like ad them on any track. To love ad them you click the same box and choose load.

This is such a great feature. It’s great for experimenting and the cool thing is when you load them you can scroll through a bunch of then and hear what they do before you choose the one you like.

Oh, that’s gold!

I’ve recently upgraded form SX3 to 7.5, there’s so many little extras like this. I thought I’d read something related in the manual, but couldn’t find it again.