transfer license from Key to soft and remove license issues

i have few problems

1:i want to transfer my Cubase AI 7 from my usb elicenser to soft elicenser but it wont let me (it goes only vice versa)

2: i want to remove all the Demo and expired licenses marked as red but it wont let me(in the menu the remove function is greyed out). so i have a mess with the elicenser, and sometimes it gives me errors. for example i have a full license for “Dark planet” Vsti and also a demo of it which expired and it gives me errors on loading. how can i remove those?


  1. You cannot transfer a license from USB key to software.

  2. You should uninstall completely any demo in the computer to avoid problems. You can run a maintenance in elicenser

1: how come ? those are softwares that can be registered in soft elicenser ! i need my Cubase Ai 7 permanently on my laptop, so i can use it without the dongle :unamused:

2: i uninstalled many demos or earlier cubase Ai versions but i still can’t remove the license. as for the Dark planet vsti i don’t remember i installed “Dark planet” demo, and if i did how can i uninstall it ? i have the full license for it.

  1. Once it is in the USB key, you never will be able to move it to a computer again. It is a restriction. You can move it to another key.

  2. Maybe there is some leftovers in your computer that are triggering a (expired) demo license. Anyway, running a maintenance in the elicenser software should correct some problems in your key. Did you tried that?

1: Wow…!!! so no mistakes allowed :confused: why would i need Cubase 7.5 and cubase AI at my dongle !!

2: yes i did maintenance and validate period etc…

3:maybe i will try somehow to unregister cubase Ai 7 and then download the license again to laptop (the elicenser wont give the option though… i will try with my steinberg ! )

any news on how to transfer my cubase AI license back from usb dongle to software license ? still not possible :unamused:

well… its like dying ! no returning back, (well even few dead people manage to return to life but no license restore from dongle to soft by steinberg :exclamation: )

at least they should make a big red warning when transferring license from soft to dongle

** Edit: i still think its wrong and need to be changed to be able to transfer all “Software license” product between usb dongle and software elicenser ! i do not get the idea of this restriction really !

I understand the frustration not being able to transfer your licenses between your eLicensers the way you want them to, but with the little insight I have into the underlying technological and legal issues, I can somehow understand the current state.

Of course, feel free to file a feature request regarding this issue.

Anyway, you are right that the warning about the irreversible Soft-eLicenser-to-USB-eLicenser transfer of the license should be presented more prominently (it is displayed in the license transfer confirmation dialog, though) – so I’ve forwarded your request for improvement.

My advise in the current situation would be to contact Steinberg support. Maybe they’ll be able to provide a work-around for this situation.

Hope this helps.


thanks for reply.
i cant contact support from my location unfortunately,
i bought all my steinberg products on ebay or abroad so i cant/ do not want to request support from my local steinberg distributor (probably he cant help anyway in situation as this )
but it is another issue topic with the new global marketing and support i guess !