Transfer local properties

I have edited a score in the “Full score layout”, mainly flipping a few stems and adjusting the beams and I forgot that the “Set local properties” was set “Locally” and not “Globally”. Is there a way to propagate my adjustments?

Edit > Propagate Properties. It works selectively, though - it’ll only propagate the properties of selected objects, and if you’re in Write mode it’ll only propagate Write mode properties (whereas in Engrave mode it’ll propagate all properties).

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Leo, a curio: do you find you’ve switched to global properties since they were added as a feature? It still throws me off, and sometimes I end up with the wrong setting. I’m so used to Propagate that I’ve stuck with local plus my key command… it’s second nature by now.

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Global in Write mode, Local in Engrave mode. I’d say that applies 99% of the time.


So it would be nice if Write and Engrave mode could have separate settings.


Yep, exactly the source of my confusion. I agree with Leo that Write is usually global and Engrave is usually local, but I don’t want to have to wonder halfway through a property change which one I’m on!

I’m not picking at it, just talking out loud. Propagate has worked so well for so long I don’t even think about it anymore.

So Global/Local settings that are local to each mode? Unless you wanted them the same in both, of course.

I am stuck, I selected notes, beams, flags, measures, both in Write and in Engrave mode and hit propagate but those changes won’t propagate.

That’s what I thought.


edit: could be a preference setting to behave separately or not.