Transfer of all eLicenses to one USB-eLicenser

I have just registered my new WaveLab 8.5 on a new USB-eLicenser and I would now like to transfer my previous eLicences of Cubase and HALion Synphonic Orchestra to the same USB-eLicenser. In spite of the descriptions I cannot see how I shall perform this, so please, write me how to do this. Thanks a lot! /Armand

It is very simple:

  1. Plug in your USB keys in the same computer at the same time
  2. Open the Elicenser software
  3. Drag and drop everything you want between any USB keys

Thanks a lot! Problem solved. I apparently didn’t understand that one should have all the USB-eLicenser pluged into the computer in the same time. As you say: it was very simple (!) Thanks again! Case closed. /A

I am glad to help! :slight_smile: