Transfer of fine-tuning to other layouts

So I have finished tweaking my guitar voices in partition layout, manually dragged bendings, barrés, string indications et al. to “their” place (btw only left and right hand fingering don’t need tweaking, in my opinion, or are sufficiently covered by the existing layout options) – and now I don’t find the option to transfer my work to two other layouts (single instrument layouts and and one containing only the guitars).
Can someone point me to the appropriate search term in the manual? I only find page layout ~ and page format transfer options.

Thanks a bunch!

Have you looked into Propagate Properties? Keep in mind that this does not guarantee you’ll have no further work tweaking the part layouts, because the specific (graphical) offsets for all these things will just be copied literally.

Sorry for the late reply and foremost, thank you for replying!
It looks like “propagate properties” does not do everything.
It does not propagate
• string indication placement
• line placement and length adaptation
• “many of the bending placements”
The last one seems odd, but corresponds exactly to my findings. Some of the bendings look fine, like I configured them in the partition, some of them look funny and need tweaking.

All in all there is still an awful lot to tweak. I am e.g. not able to place string indications beneath the staff by default, a practice I am used to since 40 years ago (I for my part haven’t seen guitar literature yet where strings are indicated next to the note).

I do sincerely hope the next iteration of Dorico has something under the hood to speed up the guitar player’s workflow, like the afore-mentioned string indication placement, semantic position marking, semantic fingering (semantic = adjusting strings being used for given notes in a given position / adjusting fingering and strings based on fingering-string-combination or position marking already created for previous notes) and easy and versatile barré creation. I love the output! But I wish I could be quicker…

Were you in Engrave mode when you propagated properties? Anything you move that’s specific to Engrave mode can only be propagated from Engrave mode.

Oh, and as of 3.5(.0) there’s a switch at the top right corner of the properties panel that allows you to set properties locally (in the layout in front of you) or globally (in all layouts where that instrument appears). You do have to set the switch correctly before you adjust the thing, whatever the thing is!

Local… :see_no_evil:

Much, much better!
The switch did it.
Thank you Leo! :+1: