Transfer of key commands to another computer

Hello everyone!

I’ve wanted to ask a question about this for a while now.
Namely, I assumed that if I want to have the same key commands on the second or third computer I use, all I need to do is copy the “json” file and that’s it - correct me if I’m wrong. But if it’s supposed to work that way, then I have a problem, because it doesn’t seem to work. It’s interesting that some commands work and some don’t. I had a problem with some commands because I didn’t disable Win keys, but I solved it. In the key commands section, it is evident that the shortcuts I created on the primary computer do not exist at all, i.e. they are not assigned to certain actions.
Just to emphasize that the keyboard language is the same on all computers.
I hope there is a solution or maybe I’m just doing something wrong.


Yes, it is sufficient simply to ensure you have the same key commands JSON file on each of your computers. If you are having problems, you’ll need to provide some more details so that we can look into whatever might be going wrong.

Hi Daniel,

thank you for the answer, but I don’t know what details you mean.

Could there be a problem because the main computer is on Win 11 and the other computers are on Win 10? I have Dorico 5 version on all computers.


I don’t know which details are required either. To start, maybe list 2-3 commands that aren’t transferring correctly, along with the JSON file?

I don’t know, I can’t remember what those commands were, I just know that I reflexively wanted to use the created shortcut and I know that it didn’t work. When I’m at another computer I’ll try to find some of the commands that don’t work.

Thank you for your reply.

Maybe check that the language for the key commands is set the same as in your previous installation (preferences/key commands). And also the keyboard language in your 2 windows installations should match exactly.