Transfer of Steinberg licensing product to another ID account

Hello everyone, I woul like to ask for help, because I am in the same situation. My father before death created a Steinberg ID for himself and another one ID for me as his son for educational purposes. He bought via his Steinberg ID account an upgrade to Cubase 12 pro for my actual version of Cubase 10.5 AI registered on my account. The problem is that via my account I have activated Dorico Elements 4 which I am using and the uprgaded version of Cubase can be activated via father’s profile. So now I have a Dorico Elements 4 and a Cubase 12 pro on my computer but both cannot be activated at same time, because the licensing is stored on two different accounts. It is possible to transfer the license of Cubase 12 pro to my Steinberg ID or merge profiles into one common ? Both accounts include same personal data. Because of sudden death of my father I have problem to solve this situation and need both products for studying I would be thankful for any help.

Welcome to the forum, Robert. If you could send me a direct message (click on the little circle with my photo in it, then click the blue Message button) with the details of both your and your father’s Steinberg ID accounts, I can ask my colleagues in our support team to help you.

I have the same problem. I need Spectra layers10 on same account as
cubase 12; to use spectra layers as an extension.