Transfer registration and upgrade Dorico 3.5

where is my download access code. ? trying to shift v3.5 Dorico to a new computer and then upgrade …
my purchase of 3.5 upgrade was made over 18 months ago I can not remember seeing one … running a search of my email doesn’t find one
congratulations Steinberg on having the most convoluted and confusing licensing arrangement I have ever seen … and I have been using computers for over 30 years now

Welcome to the forum, @shima. Sorry to hear that you’re having problems locating your existing license. To install Dorico Pro 3.5 on a new computer, you need to follow the software reactivation workflow described here:

If you have problems accomplishing this, please come back here and let us know where you’re getting stuck, and we’ll be pleased to help you.

ok thank you Daniel . good to see you here. just to say that my Dorico 3.5 installation on my new computer was done via Mac OS migration assistant …and I still have the original 3.5 installed on the other laptop … but my intention is wipe the laptop and sell it … I have checked and it appears I have the latest version, with all the downloads I have been doing (I have an unlicensed version of Dorico 4 installed onboard) I have no recollection of updating Dorico 3.5 to the latest version on this computer but it appears I have done that.
however when I start Dorico 3.5 I get the message an essential component is missing pls run download assistant and install Dorico pro sounds installer. Do I need to do this if my only purpose is get back my license to v3.5 and then upgrade to v4.xx ? when I run the assistant I can’t see the pro sounds installer in the list of available files to download ???
I will wait to I hear back from you before I proceed further … thanks again for the support .

ok on my new computer (the one that has D3.5 and 4 installed unlicensed)I just ran thru the process as described on the link you provided when I go to the products page I receive the msg "No products available"on the old computer the message on the product page reads summarised d3.5 product activated.
please tell me how to proceed next …

The message about the missing sound content could well be related to a permissions problem on your migrated drive. In the Finder, via the Go menu, choose Go To Folder, then paste in the following:

/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content/

and click Go. A new Finder window will open up showing two or three items. The one you’re interested in is VST Sound. Select this and type Command+I to open the Get Info window. Look at the Sharing & Permissions section at the bottom of the window that appears: make sure that all three groups there are set to Read & Write. Then before you close this window, click the little button with the ellipsis surrounded by a circle at the very bottom of the window, and choose Apply to enclosed items.

Then run Dorico again and see if it still complains about being unable to find the content.

When you run eLicenser Control Center on your new Mac, does it correctly show a Soft-eLicenser on your computer? Does it show your Dorico 3.5 license?

Thank you Daniel ….following your instructions regarding changing permissions did not fix the issue with an essential component being missing message received and stating the need to install the package Dorico 3.5 sounds installer .
About permissions System and Wheel permission were already set to Read & Write but everyone need to be adjusted to read and write
Dorico 3.5 does still open … but with the above message
and after i fixed the permission i got a new pop one time only about the upgrade to v4 on the 3.5 startup
I did a restart still the same result it stil complains that an essential component is missing .
Every time on either computer when i run the download assistant i have to sit through it updating the same components each time activation manager etc etc … like i didn’t update those components last time i opened it … but i did
Ok this time, i had ignored before it that vst sound components Halion sonic se , halion symphonic orchestra , and Olympic choir micro need updating so i updated them trying everything to make it happy but
No that didn’t work i still get the message

Excuse me where do i find the e license control center?
If i am in the Steinberg activation manager there is “No Licenses Found”.
That is on the new Mac … but on the old Mac laptop it works fine … is that the elicense control center?
Thanks again edit I found the elicenser but I am having issues described below with it …

I should say i worked out on the old and the new laptop i can get the elicenser up by logging on to my products at Steinberg
The old laptop has an activation code in the elicenser
The new laptop does not have an activation code it just has the date of activation of v 3.5 (that was done on the old laptop )

ok I have made a little more progress. but to be honest if I had known of the difficulty involved in this process I would not have bought the product. like I said 30 years of using computers never seen anything as convoluted.
I have got to the point where the elicenser says " - To transfer an existing license from one eLicenser to another, please drag the respective license from the “Licenses” list to the target eLicenser in the “eLicensers” list.
An Internet connection is required to complete the process. Please follow the onscreen instructions. " but I can’t drag anything anywhere in the associated windows.

I also get the elicenser but the issue appears to be that the elicenser on the new computer appears to have the same registration as on the old computer … possibly because it was brought across using the Mac OS migration assistant…

Sorry for not being able to check back in on this thread sooner.

For what it’s worth, Dorico 4’s licensing system is completely different to Dorico 3.5’s, and is much easier to work with. For one thing, you can install and activate the software on up to three computers for your own use, and you can easily deactivate the software via our web site. The Dorico 3.5 system has been retired for a good reason!

You don’t actually want to move your license onto a USB-eLicenser, because that is a one-way trip (unless you update to Dorico 4, in which case you will move to the new licensing system).

What we really need to do is get a fresh eLicenser on your new machine. Go to /Library/Application Support/Syncrosoft Soft-eLicenser/ in the Finder, then delete the SeLicenser.sel file you find within there. You can recreate a new Soft-eLicenser using the procedure listed here:

That should get you to the point where you have a completely empty Soft-eLicenser on your new computer. Then you can hopefully use the software reactivation workflow I posted earlier in the thread to generate a new activation code for your new computer.

that did not work … due to the size of the download I didn’t download Dorico 3.5 and v4 I just put them in the trash and then brought it back out after I ran the utility as you suggested .

lets not forget my ultimate Goal is upgrade and to run v4x, do I really have to download version 3.5 just to get it so I can upgrade it to v4 ?

I did delete selLicenser.sel file

I did download the utility

I put the applications in the trash as per the instructions of the utility

I ran the utility for the elicenser

I then brought v3.5 and 4. out of the trash

by the way I only have an activation code for v3. which was my original cross grade from Sibelius

I have no recollection of getting an activation code for v3.5

now I can not open on my new computer v3.5 in my licenses on the e.licenser there is no license shown that is on my new computer, the activation code shows v3 (which is what it was meant to do) …

I am really confused now I am ready to give up on this I have sent you a screen shot of the v3 activation code in private msg

least I hope it was private … I see private messages mentioned in chat here … I sent you a msg I presume it was private thanks David

ok I have to say Steinberg deserves to go out of business … ever step of the way has been frustrating ., the language used to describe procedures in purchase registration and upgrade totally confusing .
I have successfully changed registration of 3.5 on my new computer
after being rejected 2 times using my credit card on different browsers for no apparent reason I did successfully make the upgrade purchase v4 using PayPal . not my preferred method

yeah I got it … what an ordeal version 4 …

can I delete v3.5 to save space …
and can I wipe my old computer which was the computer I used to make the cross grade purchase from sib and the upgrade to v3.5 on ?
thanks Daniel … I am sorry that this process was so difficult for me … but I am sure Dorico 4 is going to be worth it. regards

Sorry again that I have not been around for a couple of days, David. I’m glad you’re up and running with Dorico 4 now, and I’m sorry too that you had a rough time getting updated.

You can indeed remove Dorico 3.5 to free up space, and you can also safely wipe the old computer now if you have no further need of it.