transfer to older dongle?

Hi. The plastic on my cubase dongle is showing sign of getting broken after lots of pluging in and out of my two studios computers. Luckily I own two older dongles not in use. But, is it allowed or possible to transfer my license from one dongle to another, and if so, will an older dongle affect speed and stableness on cubase? I didnt find other questions like this on the forum or a spescific answer searching.

I would recommend just buying a new eLicenser. They recently received a small redesign.

Very old dongles are prone to breaking or just suddenly stop working even if there’s no visible physical damage. I remember the Cubase SX1-2 era dongles being a bit slower, but any eLicenser newer than that should perform pretty much the same as your current one.

This is what I think I have read somewhere too, and my old dongles are excactly this era.