Transfer Tool hiccup

First: thanks for a brilliant update of SpectraLayers!

While trying it out yesterday I found an annoyance with the otherwise very nice Transfer Tool.

The target is set to ”Vocal” by default.
If I change target to anything else, ”Snare” e.g., it will immediately jump back to the default ”Vocal” target as soon as I release the left mouse button when having applied a stroke. So for every new stroke with the tool I have to reset the target to the desired.

Otherwise it’s a cool way to clean up the stems.
It’s a kind of ”cut to layer below” brush tool, but with a better workflow in certain aspects.

Edit: SpectraLayers in standalone version. Mac M1.

I can confirm on Windows 11 Pro 23H2, standalone application.
Seems like the target is directing to the very top layer (regardless if that layer is in a group, as long as the group is unfolded).
When selecting the top layer as source layer, the target seems to direct to the second top layer.

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I can repro both - this will be fixed with patch 1.


As a temporary work-around, move the target layer to the top in the Layers Panel.

The Transfer Brush is fast becoming my favourite tool in SL11 – fantastic work, Robin!


Thanks MrSoundman! With a little planning that will work.:blush:

If I use the new Tranfer Tool all graphic disappears in the moment I click.
Does anyone else have the same problem?

Yes, it happens to me in ARA mode (Mac M1). It returns after 1-2 seconds though.
The Transfer Tool seems a little ’shakey’, in that the tool/cursor moves very sluggishly and it is hard to place it where I want it to be, it sort of jumpa. So I’m afraid it is not easy to use it in ARA mode.
I hope for some polishing of the code…

Im also getting this problem with the “Transfer Tool” in stand alone mode not tried it in ARA yet.If I click the mouse button all is ok until I move or drag the mouse then the whole spectral screen vanishes so you just get a black background.It only happens during the drag phase very strange.Dont know if anyone else has noticed but it only happens when Composite Layers View is enabled.

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This bit me so many times in the last three days. I hope they sort it out really soon. SL11 is much better than SL10 but this bug is bad and moving around while transferring is very laggy. Maybe some optimizations will happen?

Robin has told above this will be fixed with ”patch 1”.
In another thread he told that patch 1 will be out next week. :+1:t2:

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