Transfer Verve to another drive

This may sound familiar but I still haven’t figured this out and remembered how it is done. I just recently upgraded to Cubase 12 pro from 11.5 and about Verve in Halion Sonic. If I downloaded Verve from the download manager and then open up the Steinberg library manager, and moved the folder or files to a different drive I have difficulty in having Halion Sonic finding Verve audio files when using Halion Sonic. Usually The Verve interface shows up in Halion Sonic but not the audio files. I want to save space by keeping Verve in another drive. My question is has anyone experienced this and do you know how to fix it?

When you first moved verve, Did you change the location using the library manager?
You don’t want to move the files manually.

If you did move them manually then ensure both files are together in the same sub-folder, and double click the samples one.

Library manager should open, and rescan the location for you.

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I don’t remember but I tried every workaround and combination I could think of. But I’ll try that. The last time I tried moving it I moved it manually so maybe I can move it from the library manager.

I moved the fresh Verve download from the Download Manager to another ssd drive and it worked.(followed your advice). Thanks

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