I have installed Dorico on my laptop but would like to switch it to my PC. Can this be done? I know you can do it with sibelius.

All help gratefully received!

You can “install” Dorico on both (given that your machines are running appropriate 64-bit operating systems).

To “use” Dorico on the second machine, you will have to have a USB-eLicense (dongle) to switch the authorization from your laptop to your PC.

This policy may change in the future, but for now, if you have already authorized your laptop, you need the dongle to switch from one machine to the other.

Thanks. Is this an easy enough thing to do then?

Once you transfer the license on the laptop onto the dongle, you will have to have the dongle plugged in to the computer while using the Doric.

Sorry for the late reply. Just received my dongle, what happens from here. How do I transfer the files to the dongle? (Not very computer savvy I am afraid!)

Plug in the dongle, run the eLicenser control center and drag and drop the license from soft elicenser onto the dongle.

Thanks for that. I shall see if I can do that later.

I bought the dongle and transferred the license to it from the soft elicenser to avoid the hassle I ran into when my motherboard died. And it gives me the option to install Dorico on however many computers I want. The downside is that the dongle is small, so attach a key ring or lanyard to it to make it easier to keep track of if you’ll be transferring it from computer to computer frequently.

All sorted, thanks for all your help!