Transfering cubase files to another studio

I wish to take all my tracks and transfer them to a professional studio where I can finish vocals and mixing/mastering.
The receiving studio is not using Cubase. There is a mixture of midi and audio recordings.
I want to ensure I transfer the great effects I have in Cubase.
Does anyone have any tips?

Really the only thing you can do is to transfer audio tracks. You can create separate audio files for your midi tracks using the render function or mixdown function. You can render each track with or without the effects applied. If applied, the effects will not be adjustable at the other studio like they are in CB. It might be best to send them the “dry” audio and let them add effects and adjust it there.

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Yeah, that’s what I do if I’m mixing in another studio. If there’s important effects that I want to keep then I’ll render them down, otherwise I’ll use dry tracks and the FX available in the other studio. I render all midi to audio and commit to the sounds I want (although a lot can be changed later just with EQ and compression or other FX).

I also render down to Broadcast Wav format because this embeds the timecode of the start of the part and that means if you’ve made your Cubase and Protools projects start at the same timecode position then you can easily spot the WAV files into place in Protools.

Or the other way is to render all Wavs down starting at the start of your project. Then all you need to do is line them up at the start. Takes more disk space, and potentially more time to copy (USB sticks can be slow!), but it’s a lot quicker/easier to line up.

In the old days I used to export the midi as a standard midi file and import into ProTools - it works. Then I’d take the actual hardware keyboards over to the studio and plug them in!! Don’t do that anymore, even if I am using hardware, I just render/record them in Cubase because its less to carry :slight_smile:


Thanks Gargoyle and Prock - I transferred the files no problem (with your advice) and I’m happy with the result…