Transfering eLicense to another USB dongle

Having used my eLicenser USB dongle since Nuendo 2, it has finally fallen to pieces. I ordered another dongle but have not yet had to deal with transferring licenses. I currently still use Nuendo 7, 8, and 10. Has anyone transferred licenses for Nuendo to a new dongle? Do I have to transfer more than one license to use 3 versions of Nuendo, or does my 10 license let me run the earlier versions?

I just did it and found it painless. Just plug them both in, open the eLicenser software, register the new key with Steinberg and drag the licence(s) you want to the new one. I cross-graded from Cubase 10 to Nuendo 10, so I forfeited by Cubase licence, but I would assume that you only need to pull your Nuendo 10 license over. I didn’t pull over my old Cubase 8 license.

My original key was old too, and I find the new one much faster when I open the eLicenser software.

The transfer was easy. Since the old one still worked (even though it fell apart), I was able to plug the old dongle and new dongle into USB ports, perform a software update to the eLicenser software (new dongle required that), and simply drag and drop the licenses onto the new dongle. It would have been more involved if the old one didn’t work, but fortunately that wasn’t the case in this instance.

I know some express displeasure with having a USB dongle. However, I think it is a good compromise for protecting their software yet allowing use of their product between a few different machines. You don’t always have internet access so while these dongles can be lost or damaged, it allows portability between multiple machines.

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