Transfering from atari to mac

I was on Atari Falcon and saved all my work on (BASF M.EG.A 3,5 " 2HD)
I am now on Cubase 6 Artist, and I am unable to extract my work from (BASF M.EG.A 3,5 " 2HD)
How must I procede to be suscefull in retriving my Sysex, .ALL, .TNB, .SNG, .ARR
Thank you for any help you may be giving me to solve my problem, Cordialement Jean-Pierre Mc Clean.

Wow, that’s quite a change :astonished:
You will have to convert your projects to the new .cpr format. I don’t know much about the old standards you’ve got there, but this might be a good start:

I wish to thank Strophoid for the prechious information, have a good day, cordialement JPMcC.

Hellow I have followed your advice But I get a return message, can not continu for the power PC application is not taken in counter. what can I do to over ride this situation, thanks in advance, cordialement JPMcC.