Transfering licences...

…so i have 2 eliceners, one with a licence for nuendo 6.5 and one with cubase8 and some othes stuff…i also had a few cubase le/ai licences on both elicencers(came with various hardware so i thought why not have the licences handy in case im away). i also own a surface pro 3 that had a cubase 7ai licence. Now i wanted to upgrade that licence so i could use cubase elements on the tablet(without dongle) but as i did the whole procedure on the studio pc i upgraded the hardware elicencers cubase ai licence. I cant seem to figure out if and how to tranfrer that upgraded licence back to the tablet. (i can run elements with the dongle just fine)is it at all possible to transfer a licence from a hardware elicencer to soft?

You can’t transfer a license from a USB dongle to software license. It is a one way route.

Seriously?no way i can run elements without a dongle even if i bought the software?

Like it has been said. Transfering a Licence to the USB Dongle is a one way trip. Having licences from smaller Versions on the same USB Dongle you have C8Pro on does’nt makes sence to me anyways.
Of course you can run Elements without the USB Dongle if you hadn’t transfert/activated the licence from LE/AI on the USB Dongle