transfering license cubase le 6 to another user


I am selling my Zoom r24 recorder together with the cubase le 6 that came with it to a friend.
I allready deleted the e-licenser on my steinberg account.

I’m wondering if this is all I have to do?

In the e-licenser controll center on my pc the license is still there, and the option to delete it is greyed out???
Also cubase still starts up without complaining of a lack of license

You need to provide the current soft eLicenser number to the buyer, then uninstall your installation from your computer.
The buyer then needs to start a software re-activation (instead of simply activation), which is what he needs your current soft-eLicenser number for.

Thank you for replying, thinkingcap. Since I get no hints from the helpdesk up till now, my only option is to follow your suggestion. Hope everything turns out OK now. I will report back the outcome here … .

I hope that too, and I hope I´m not totally wrong… :blush: . Seems I might be wrong with what I said, simce he can not re-activate a software he hadn’ t activated at least once before to his account.
Maybe a simple activation will work also - if not you’ ll have to contact support anyway. In that case, I apologize for giving you wrong information.

Yes, please do do…

Hi Zuppo,

you’ll find the information you need on this article.


Hi Louis,

Thank you for replying.
I ran through the wizard some 12 days ago and did what the outcome said: I made a support ticket for the helpdesk providing the necessary data, and i 've been waiting to hear from them, but got no reaction untill now.

Underneath the info from the last page of the resale wizard. The information on the selling product is correct.

What am I to do now?


Resale Wizard for Steinberg Software

Done! You’ve provided all information that is relevant for reselling your product.
Your information

The information on the product you are planning to sell:

The software already has been registered with a MySteinberg account on
It is copy protected by a Soft-eLicenser.
The Soft-eLicenser is solely holding the licenses of the program you are planning to sell.

If you want to correct information please click on the “Back” button of your browser.
Required steps before selling

Right now, the function to delete the registration of a Soft-eLicenser is not available due to technical reasons. Therefore, please refer to our technical support team, preferably by following these steps:

Log in to your MySteinberg account.
On the page ‘My Products’, switch from the ‘Software’ to the ‘eLicensers’ view.
Click on the entry of the Soft-eLicenser that is holding the license you are planning to sell.
In the extended entry, click on ‘Request support’.
The program and the Soft-eLicenser are already listed in the newly opened support form. Please additionally specify that you wish to sell your license and click on ‘Request support’.

We will get back to you with detailed information on further necessary steps.