Transfering License to another user

Hey folks. Need some assistance. I want to make sure I understand this correctly. I have an extra license of Halion 6 that I’m trying to get rid of. If I unregister my eLicenser with my license of Halion 6 on it (From MySteinberg Account), I can give the activation code to another user and they can register it on their eLicenser?
Not exactly. The activation code is basically useless once you have used and activated your license. It is the license itself that is the item of concern here. If the license is on a USB eLicenser and is unregistered, you give them that USB elicenser. They can move the license to their eLicenser and give you the eLicenser back, or register that eLicenser to themselves, etc. Review the resale wizard above for more details.

Ohh ok! The resale wizard was slightly confusing. That’s why I asked to confirm. Thanks!