Transfering MediaBay to new system?

I just recently build a new system and I am in the process of finalizing all of my installs.

It just dawned on me, however, that I need to tranfer some of my instrument presets and etc. from MediaBay to the new machine?

Is this possible? I looked through the manual but I couldn’t find any info on this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

So does anyone have an answer for this?

There has got be a way, yes?

Look under My Documents/VST Presets.
On Win 7 My Documents can usually be found under Users/Your User Name/Documents,
but if your smart you would move it to a different drive to make rebuilds a lot less stressful.
Simply right click on Documents, select the location Tab and Move.

Thanks for the info

It’s interesting because my vsti presets were in this folder but I had instrument track presets in another folder …AppData/Roaming/… (something like that, can’t remember exactly)

I agree with you about having it on a different drive. I wish you could specify were you want this stored and have it in a location that makes sense. Having to Windows search files just to find out were Cubase decided to put stuff is a little crazy. Seems like you should have a preference setting where you can tell it where you want things stored.

Yeh had the same problem with my HALion content recently, as I run a small SSD drive as my C drive I managed to fill the thing with sample content that good old Steiny wants to put on the C drive. managed to get round it by creating shortcuts to alternative drive where I copied the content too, see image. This may help others…
HALion content.PNG

Yeah, I am in the same boat. My new system has a relatively small SSD for the C drive, and like you, I don’t want have any libraries, etc. on it.

Thanks for the Halion tip.

no worries :slight_smile: