Transfering projects from Cubase SL to Cubase 6

I have cubase SL 2.2.0 on a mac G4 OSX 10.4.11

i am going to buy a new pro mac computer with upgraded OS and want to put cubase version 6 on my new computer.

once i have my new computer and have upgraded from cubase SL to version 6, it is important that i know whether i can transfer all my cubase song projects ( using lots of audio and a little midi ) from SL to v6 easily??

Many thanks

You cannot import Cubase SL 2 projects directly into Cubase 6, but you can…
Import them into Cubase 4 or 5, then save them (preferibly with a new name). Those projects saved in Cubase 4 or 5 will open without problems in Cubase 6.

Your Cubase 6 licence includes a licence for Cubase 4 and 5 as well, so you can install and run them with the same Cubase 6 licence. Some of the PowerPC plugins don`t have been updated, for example the Vocoder…you might convert those tracks into audio.

Hope this helps.


hi roger
thanks for your information.
i have just had a reply back from steinberg saying…

Cubase SL 2 projects are definitely compatible with Cubase 6. You just have to take into account, that some of the plugins and VST instruments, e.g. HALionOne, have been improved or changed somehow on Cubase 6, so it may be the case that you will have to change some setting of your old projects to have the exact same results. If you’re using any 3rd party plugins, you should make sure that they are also compatible with Cubase 6, or have them updated as well in case they aren’t

i have 8 years worth of work and about 300 tracks, so am very nervous about doing this!!
i have not bought a new computer yet, i have been put off in the past by the enormity of the task…and fear of losing everything, or at least some essential things!

lets see!
thank you


Please have also a look at this knowledge base article.



300 songs…thats a lot of audio :open_mouth:

Regardless to you changing cubase version why dont you get yourself an external drive just for backing up all your audio work and projects anyway.

Their cheep and that way if anything happend to your hdd or you were to loose or delete something by mistake your covered.

Thanks for all the advice…i have bought an external hardrive and all my projects are now on it.
It is still a scary prospect!

Any other advice or pitfall alerts welcome!