Transfering Projects To Different PC's

I’ve recorded some audio tracks onto my laptop and have tried to transfer my cubase projects to my desktop pc.

Whenever I try to open the projects I get " Resolve Missing Files"

c/ Users/myname/documents/cubase projects/ untitled-03/audio/audio 01_01wav
and many others just like this.

why hasn’t cubase imported all these with the project??

Because you probably didn´t copy them over also, or you saved them under a different folder / path.

I do this all the time successfully. I always start with a project folder and have the project create all its subfolders in that folder. Then I can copy the whole folder over from computer to computer with no issues. I can interchange between MAC n PC with no issues.

Something else you can try is the backup function. A Little slower, but it organizes all of the audio files nicely.

WIsh FINALCUT had this feature.