Transfering the plugin manager settings from C9.5 to C10?


I installed and reinstalled C10 a couple of times, funny thing is that sometimes it transfers some of my C9.5 settings ,something not.

So far I decided to better manually rebuild everything as it seems that this is the most safe procedure (it was in the past) to have a rock solid installation.

But I REALLY spent time to organize my zillions of plugins … is it safe to just copy the plugin manager xml to the C10 folder? It would be a PITA to reorganize everything…

I really wish profile manager was all encompassing.
Save every tweak within cubase to it. And be able to upload to our account. And save the file to a place of our choosing.

… ooooo keeee… I just installed C10 the 5th time… and now even the plugin manager settings are transfered?!

what the hell? :slight_smile:

mh… :slight_smile: