Transfering unfinished projects from my Pc to my Imac

I need instructions on how to transfer my unfinished songs from my Pc to my new Imac so i can continue to work on them. Thanks…

How about Copy -> Paste…?!

Aloha J

I do this quite often.
I have some clients that use Cubase on their PCs and they want
my help, so we transfer stuff back and forth from hard drives, flash drives, over a
network or e-mail or DVD(s) etc etc and the list goes on.

Here is what works for me.

1-Do not use any 3rd party plugs unless they too are truly cross-platform.
If you ‘have to have’ a certain sound on a track, render it to audio first.

2-Make sure all files pertaining to a song are in one folder (for each song).
(Cubase.cpr/audio .wav or .aiff /.mpg/ images/.MIDI files etc)

3-Transfer that folder from the PC to the Mac (see above)

4-Once the transfer has been made,
double clik the .cpr file on the Mac and ‘bob’s yer uncle’!

BTW this one is new.
Make sure both project are either 32 or 64 bit. This may or may not
cause probs but best to be safe.