Transferred to new iPad . Missing projects

I’ve changed iPads before and maybe it’s because I did it from iTunes on laptop I always kept my projects . I just transferred my data from old iPad to new iPad via iCloud and none of my projects are there . Old iPad was backed up to iCloud then erased . I’ve since restored that backup to old iPad but my projects don’t appear on either iPad . Advice appreciated

Hi @mikeconnectuk,

Thanks for your message.

Is it correct that you’ve manually transferred your projects to iCloud and checked that everything worked as expected afterwards?

Would suggest to check the Files app to find those backup project, or get in touch with Apple about the problem.

Hope that helps!

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I didn’t manually transfer ny projects to iTunes I didn’t think I had to . I’ll have to look for an old backup on my laptop iTunes
Forgetting by my iPad transfer and restore problem for a moment, do cubasis project files normally go into files app automatically on the iPad?

Hi @mikeconnectuk,

Cubasis offers many options to manually backup projects.
Please refer to the “MediaBay” chapter of the in-app help to learn more.


Thanks I was thinking more of what it backs up aitomatically and where they are on you iPad

Hello Lars
Good to hear from you again.
No I didn’t manually transfer the projects to iCloud I just backed up the whole iPad to iCloud. And I transferred the old iPad to the new you you just by my placing them beside each other
I think last time I’m I changed an iPad I did it via laptop and an iTunes backup maybe that’s the problem
Maybe I’ll have to look on my laptop op for an old backup
Thanks Mike

Hi @mikeconnectuk,

Please note that our engineering gave the issue a check, see their feedback below.

In addition / IMPORTANT NOTE: We strongly recommend to manually backup important files on a regular basis, to prevent data loss!

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Engineering feedback:
On an iPhone XS with iOS 15.3.1, I installed Cubasis 3.4.1 and created a few projects, mixdowns, audio and MIDI files.

I enabled iCloud Backup and let it perform a backup right away. Then I completely erased all data and settings on the iPhone.

When it greeted me with “hello” after the reset, I tapped “Restore from iCloud Backup”, picked the one that I just created, and a few minutes later (after it automatically re-installed Cubasis 3), all my projects, mixdowns, audio and MIDI files were there.

So, to summarise, Cubasis 3 data is backup up in your iCloud Backup (if it’s is enabled in the iOS Settings), as is the data of all your apps. However, iCloud Backups cannot be restored selectively (per app), they can only be used to restore the full state of a device to the same or another of your devices. Cubasis stores its MediaBay files locally, and it can be found in the iOS Files app in “On My iPad" / "Cubasis 3” (or, on Android, in /Android/data/com.steinberg.cubasis3/files/Cubasis 3). We recommend to manually backup this folder to e.g. a cloud storage service of your choice, or a PC, or a thumb drive, just to be on the safe side.

Thanks Lars .
I’ll check it when I can . Im in hospital for a few days
I did data transfer from old iPad to new iPad maybe that is the problem.
I’m thinking now that iCloud may have been updated with cubasis without my old projects. But maybe my only chance is to see if there’s an old back up on my laptop

Hi @mikeconnectuk,

All the best for you!
Please feel free to get back to us, once you have some news.