transferring 1998 VST to current system

I wonder if anyone can help.
I have a Cubase VST 3.7R2 system which I purchased in 1998. I haven’t used it for some time but now wish to resume with a completely new system - on Cubase and I would like to transfer my collected efforts to the new system. No-one seems to know how I can do it. The help line seemed amazed that anyone could have something that old and had no idea about anything really.
I haven’t bought a new system yet as I would like to know what I need.
Help please.

Well, that is going to be difficult - mainly because of the old red dongle that needs a parallel port to work. There are almost no current systems or mainboards out there that still come with this port and extension cards often do not work reliably. Cubase itself may work on any current Windows installation but there’s no guarantee and no support for that. If you invest in new hardware, I can only recommend to invest in new software as well.

You can transfer your old projects to a new computer by zipping then uploading them to some place like mediafire. If you buy Cubase Pro 8.5, you get a license that also works with Cubase SX 3, the last version that could import old Cubase VST project files and convert them to the newer .cpr format used by modern versions of Cubase.

Be prepared to be blown away by nearly 20 years of massive improvements. Of course you’ll feel very confused at first, but after a few weeks of use you’ll love Cubase Pro. Cubase VST feels like a crappy toy in comparison.