Transferring a licence to another workstation help

Hi I don’t want to use Cubase 6 on my laptop no more. My desktop PC has more ram and is 64 bit. I loaded the elicensor > plugged in steinberg dongle> installed/uninstalled both 32bit & 64bit versions of Cubase 6 on my desktop PC. When installing the mp3 codec always gets a DCOM error when Cubase is loaded whenever I import Audio files or record into my soundcard @ 256 - 128 buffer size I get horrible crackle.

So was wandering is there a procedure I have to do to transfer my current licence onto my new desktop machine ? or do i have to buy another version of Cubase ?

PC Spec: Win 7 Ultimate , 64 bit , intel i7 - 2600k , DDR3 - Ram 16gig

Look forward to your reply.

The problem is with the computer, you can install Cubase on more than one machine and just swap the dongle over.