Transferring A Project Between 2 Computers?

I am trying to figure out the easiest way (if any) to continue work on my laptop on a project that I started on my desktop and vica versa. My computers are both Macs and I have a USB e-licenser. I tried saving the project in my icloud folder, but that was probably wishful thinking that it would be that easy. Is there any way to have a project going and open it up on either computer and just pick up where you left off? If not, what is the next best solution?
I’m an absolute newb to DAWs (or at least I feel like it) so whomever might answer, don’t assume much prior tech knowledge at all:P Thanks in advance for any advice!

If the desktop and laptop versions have exactly the same set up - version no, plugins (esp 3rd party) - then it should be just a simple matter of copying the project folder from one machine to another and back again. Obviously, you would have to be very disciplined about this, or you could end up with two different versions of the same thing, neither of which is right!

If you’re not using audio, it is enough to transfer just the project file itself (once the project is properly set up on both machines, obviously). The same applies if you are using audio but haven’t added/deleted any since the last transfer. If you have added audio, I prefer to copy the entire project folder, just to be sure. And if you’ve been running a recording session, make sure you trash and delete all the duff takes, because what’s the point of transferring audio you will never use?
Or, it just occurs to me, you could try VST Transit. It’s in the VST Cloud menu. Not used it much but the little I did, it seemed very promising. And you don’t need a good connection - the project is stored on the cloud and downloaded to your machine and run locally. You then re-synch with the cloud when you’re done. When you you work on the other machine, just re-synch, the latest version appears on your machine where again you work locally, re-synch, and so on. You would still need identical setups on both machines, though.

There is a separate forum for VST Transit so you might find some help there, or there’s YouTube.

Good luck, I’d be interested to know how you get on.


But it is that easy.

Ok. Glad to hear it. I suppose it’s doing the same as VST Transit anyway…