Transferring a project from Protools to Cubase

I have a recording session from several studios, some of which were recorded in Protools. Is it possible to take the project and work on it in Cubase?
I would appreciate answers from people who have already done this…

You can not open a Protools session in Cubase. You would have to commit your tracks as needed and import the wave files in Cubase.

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Is it possible through AAF\OMF?

Yes, Cubase can import AAF files.

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I know that, Cubase is the best software, the question is with Protools
Have you done this before?

Yes, it’s possible. You should be able to either just export with media going into an embedded AAF file which is generally good, or you can reference the files in the PT session folder’s audio files folder.

Last project I did the AAFs I got from a video editor didn’t import into Nuendo cleanly so I went through PT. Since I had already downloaded the AAF and imported that into PT I chose to reference media for the new AAF in order to save disk space:

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There are no problems with stereo and mono compatibility?

Can’t remember. Honestly, I get so many AAFs that have tracks as .L/.R which import as two tracks that I then choose to make into stereo so I don’t even think about what it is any longer. In the screenshot I posted you can see how one of the options in the top section is greyed out, so… just try it.

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By the way, this is how I clear the channel names that come from Protools