Transferring CPR Folders remotely

Hello. My bandmate/collaborator and I live in different states, and both use Elements 11. Our process is as follows: I record guitar tracks and he will begin writing lyrics and music as well. Using Team Viewer, I remote into his laptop. I open Windows File Explorer and copy the Cubase folder containing the new project (all files are kept in one folder for each song). Then I copy my Cubase project folder into his directory. He then records vocals, guitar, and/or bass. When he is finished, I remote back in and copy his Cubase file folder into my Cubase folder in my laptop’s directory, overwriting my older version. I then proceed mixing the new song. We go back and forth in this manner until we have a completed song. We have done this successfully several times.

We are currently working on a new song, and Jason, my bandmate, wanted to add vocals and bass. He recorded three vocal tracks and one bass track to my existing three guitar tracks. He saved his work, and I remoted in and copied his files. Now when I open the project in Cubase, I can see the tracks he added but there are no audio files in them and nothing he recorded plays on my end. The files play perfectly for him on his end. Is anyone out there using Team Viewer or another program to collaborate and write and mix remotely? Any ideas on how to solve this issue?

Is there anything in the Audio Pool?

Or even the Audio sub-folder in the Project Folder you copied from the remote computer. Most likely you can resolving this specific issue by finding the audio files and copying them to your computer and then Import them into the Pool.

Long term if I was working back and forth like you guys I’d change the workflow to be a bit to be more redundant and error resistant. When you are done working on the Project at your end, don’t just copy that Project’s Folder to the remote computer. Instead use Backup Project… to create a new complete and independent version of the Project and copy that to the remote computer. Then when your partner is finished with their work they should do the same. That way you’ll never copy over your previous work. And yes this will result in a bunch of in-progress copies of the Project being created. You can prune those away when you decide they are no longer needed. I’d err on the side of retaining more than I think were need.

Also it is a good idea to implement a naming scheme to keep track of the various versions. Something like:

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