Transferring Cubase projects

I use Cubase 6.5 and have the chance to purchase Cubase 6.5 Artist. Would I be able to transfer a project I’ve done in Cubase 6.5 across to Cubase 6.5 Artist.
I only use half a dozen tracks of both audio and midi and would only require Cubase 6.5 Artist to play back the projects.
One other point, does Cubase Artist 6.5 have the Arranger track facility ?

Probably, without the „Cubase only features“

Since you use Cubase 6.5 already, you simply only have to open its manual, and check if the the chapter „Arranger track“ says „Cubase only“ - that simple…

Not that “simple” young man !
The manual DOESNT say cubase only and guess what … no arranger track :worried:

But you found out all by yourself…

Yes I did but it cost me 65 euros whereas I’d hoped someone on here could have said “Don’t buy it because it doesn’t have arranger tracks in it ! “