Transferring/editing project file only via Mac/pc

I want to just edit sometimes just a little bit with a laptop when on the road. Without making archives or transferring all gigabytes of audio/video with me.

Copied projects folder from Mac to pc.
Opened project “A” just fine with pc and made changes.
Saved as a different name, “B”.
Copied projects folder from pc to Mac.

-I can see “B” in Mac folder but can’t open double clicking… It won’t even show when trying to open it within VL → file-> open…

Please do not create multiple threads for the same topic!

What is the name and extension of the file? It should end with .vlprj.

Oh, I’m sorry, tried to search and found but this was a different case…

Looks like this on Mac:
Näyttökuva 2023-9-5 kello 15.37.58

… ah, Mac. We’ll check and get back to you