Transferring existing older projects to new template?

Hey hey everyone…

Is there a way to transfer over existing project data to a new template?

I know of the options to create stems and drop them in the new template, or export all the tracks and import in the new template (sounds risky)… but is there some other way to perform this task?


in the import option, there is one to import tracks from projects. works like a charm :+1:

When I want to create a new template from “project 1” I do “Back up Project” saved to a different folder with a different name “Project 2”. This creates a whole new copy of the original project with it’s own new audio pool. Then I make sure “Project 1” is closed, open “Project 2”, clean up the audio pool to what I want, and make sure everything else I want is in place. Then do a “Save as template” naming it appropriately.

Doing it this way you will not mess with the original project at all.

The process for creating a new template should be easy. But, it is not. And it is not documented correctly in the operation manual. That’s why I submitted this feature request (which I am kind of surprised that no one has agreed with. Oh well. :wink:

If I wanted to create a new template from several different projects I would still do the “Back up Project” step listed above on each of those projects. Then I would do the “Import>Tracks from project” function from the backed up project (not the original projects) into the “Project 2”.

Doing that “Back up Project” step is thing that (to me) keeps me from messing up the original project(s).

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