Transferring files to new MacBook


I see many topics on how to transfer the Dorico license to a new MacBook, but I’m curious what’s the best way to transfer the files over? Would Apples migration work? Thanks.

Apple’s Migration Assistant is the usual way to transfer everything over from one Mac to another.
This can copy over all your user files, prefs and settings, and even applications – though complex apps with installers, like Dorico, will need reinstalling. You can download the installer from Steinberg > Support > Downloads, or just get the Steinberg Download Assistant and do it all from there.

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Thanks for the info, but what about transferring the files over?

To quote Ben’s post above with emphasis…

This can copy over all your user files

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Haha, not sure how I missed reading that part, thank you! Do you know if it’s possible to use Apple migration to move over only the items you want? Or does it have to be everything?

This document describes the process. You can select some broad categories, but no more than that.

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