Transferring Halion license to another account

After Steinberg support has failed to get back to me for almost 2 months now (I tried to get in touch with them several times and even created a 2nd support ticket after they recommended me to do so), I might get some help here: I baught a Halion 7 license with one account, but my Cubase license runs on a different account. Sadly, I can’t use Halion now when I’m working with Cubase. I know, it’s stupid and this is entirely my fault. I couldn’t find a possibility to solve this on my own or even find a way around it. I’m very frustrated and even more so because Steinberg support is everything BUT supportive in that matter. Thanks a lot in advance!

You could use the Resale Wizard to get a new download code for HALion 7, which you can then register in your Cubase account

How to resell Steinberg software (Resale Wizard) – Steinberg Support

That’s an excellent idea, I baught the Halion student version though and you cannot resell them

And what about Cubase? Is this also a EDU version? If not, you could “sell” this license to your other (HALion) account.

Otherwise only the Steinberg support can clarify this. Have you tried calling telephone support?